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Food Done Light Healthy Recipes

Happy Healthy Friday!

I hope this Friday finds you and your family healthy!  We are working on it here.  It is hard to believe we are almost two weeks past my husband’s surgery.  I can see improvement in him everyday.  It is really quite amazing how quickly the human body can repair itself.  It has been tough; that is a huge understatement.  I don’t think I am quite ready to process it all yet or even begin to figure out how I feel.  I’ve tried writing this post three times now and the words still do not seem to come.  I think that is my clue to let it go for now.  I do want to thank everyone for their prayers and support.

As for Food Done Light, I have started on an Easter Menu which will continue over the next two weeks.  Easter is so early this year.  I feel like it is such a rush to get things done.  Luckily most of the recipes are easy and quick.  My Artichoke Lemon Pesto is so quick and easy.  The food processor does all the work.  You are going to see it again next week in a side dish.  I took some help from a box of cake mix to make my Orange Cinnamon Muffins.  They would be great for Easter morning.  My Bread Salad with Grapes and Blue Cheese will turn even a salad hater into a salad lover.  I cannot wait to make it again.

My husband has asked to write something on my blog.  I have no idea what but I promised he could write on part of this post so I will wish you Happy Healthy Eating and turn it over to him.

Hi Everyone!! This is Christie’s hubby and I would appreciate your indulgence in letting me say a few words – ok, maybe more than a few….8-).

First off, I think you would all agree that I am incredibly lucky to have a wife who is as talented as Christie! I love reading her posts and they ALWAYS put a smile on my face. Not only is she talented from a culinary standpoint (my mouth always waters whenever I get home and get enveloped in the aromas), but she is also a great mother, wife, friend and is always there for anyone who needs a hand – even if she has limited time.

As you all know, this past year has been a rough one for our family given the heart issues I have had – culminating with last week’s successful surgery. I could not have come through as well as I did, through all this without her support, and yes, a few well needed kicks you know where!! I know it took an emotional toll and put pressure on her, especially to look after 2 kids – our daughter as well as ME and the pets. For that and everything else she does for us, all this hubby can say publicly is I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU!

Besides her strength, in getting through all this, I not only wanted to acknowledge our families who were there for us, but also thank all of you who read and support her blog, as I know that there was tremendous support, thoughts, prayers and wishes coming our way – and I can sincerely say every one of them was appreciated and obviously put to good use! Thank you again!!

Given the nature of this blog and having access to putting down something this one time, here’s my

 Recipe for Recovery

  • 1 Incredible Wife
  • 1 Adorable Daughter
  • All our families
  • Bushels of friends and supporters
  • A few gallons of love (shaken or stirred)
  • Some choice words – coarsely chopped (for taste and texture). Can be omitted if so desired
  • Smidgen of salt over the shoulder for luck

Take all ingredients, blend them together (may require industrial size food processor, 10 second rule applies to salt, or you can add more to taste…), let sit for a while.

Savor and Appreciate Every Day!!


  1. Charlotte Moore says
    Nice to have an appreciative husband. They are very worthy to keep around. (-: BLESSINGS!!!!
    • Fooddonelight says
      I agree Charlotte. I just read his words. I had promised I wouldn't until they were published. He is a good man!
  2. audrey palmatier says
    Neville's comment put a smile on my face and a few tears in my eyes. we are all so lucky to have Christie, plus Neville and Lyla. GrandMa audrey
  3. So sweet Christie! This brought tears to my eyes. Hoping for many more years of true love and good health for you and your family! :-)
  4. This is so sweet. You have a wonderful hubby. I'm wishing your husband a swift recovery, and I agree - he has a very talented wife.
    • Fooddonelight says
      Thank you so much Kristi. I take that as a very big compliment coming from you with your lovely blog.
  5. What a sweet sweet husband you have! There's nothing better than your spouse publicly expressing their adoration for you. He's a keeper! ;)
  6. Lynn Palmatier says
    What a lovely, well written blog. I agree with everyone that it brings smiles and tears to your eyes. I can attest to the "incredible wife" and "adorable daughter" and also add a wonderful "son" who is not afraid to go public with his appreciation of his family. I get to witness it everyday!
  7. Christina says
    What a warm and loving post. It is obvious that the words written are true and not forced. The recipe is so clever. I just have to share this with my readers.
  8. Such a sweet husband you have. You are very blessed but I bet you already know that! :)
  9. What a lovely tribute. Best wishes for your husband's continued recovery.
  10. Christie, your hubby is so right, you are an amazing lady!So glad hubby is home and doing well. I hope you don't have to use his recipe for recovery again any time soon but I think he's got it down! Love ya!

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