Waffle Peanut Butter Breakfast Pizzas

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Great idea for a waffle breakfast recipe. Kids can make their own pizzas #peanutbutterhappy #ad

I continually learn the lesson that happiness can come in the most unexpected places. You just need to be open to it. My husband is in Singapore with his Father who is in Intensive Care in a hospital. To say we are stressed to the max would not be an understatement. I am home trying to keep our child as stress-free as possible while trying get as much work done as possible in case I need to fly out.

The best way to keep Ly stress-free is include her in my work. We headed out to Walmart to pick up some of Jif’s new spreads and Bars. I picked out Jif  Maple Peanut Butter Spread. My little one spied Jif Cookies ‘n Cream Hazelnut spread and, of course, wanted that one. Who could resist cookies ‘n cream anything? Not me my friends. We also picked up some frozen waffles for breakfast and a box of Jif Bars. I’ve had my eye on them for a while.

Great idea for a breakfast recipe. Kids can make their own pizzas #peanutbutterhappy #ad

When we got home, Ly was a little mowpy. She misses her daddy terribly, and is worried about “Pappa”. Plus I needed to work rather than play with her.  “How would you like to help me” I asked her. “What do you mean?” she replied. I asked her to make a waffle pizza for me. “Really? You will put it on your blog? she asked. Of course!! We popped some waffles into the toaster. When they were hot, she requested some Jif Cookies ‘n Cream spread onto hers. I chose Jif Maple spread.

We had some raspberries and blueberries leftover, and I thinly sliced a banana that was sitting lonely on the counter. I asked her to make a waffle pizza and decorate it however she would like. Then I got to work on mine, and she got to work on hers. Whenever I looked over and she has the biggest smile on her face. “Mommy, look what I did. I made a smiley face” she said. She had the idea to stuff the raspberries with blueberries for the eyes. Next she used a blueberry for the nose and a mix of raspberries and a cherry for the mouth. She was so proud of herself. Additionally she told me mine was pretty too, like a flower, but her’s was better. I am not sure I disagree.

Great idea for a breakfast recipe. Kids can make their own pizzas #peanutbutterhappy #ad

Of course, as soon as she made it she wanted to eat it, until I reminded her I had to take pictures. I gave her a “pretty plate” to put hers on. Those are the plates specifically used for food styling. That is a big deal in our house. She decorated the plate too. See it below! Didn’t she do a great job? She carefully carried it into the table for photographs not trusting me to do it. After the pictures she wolfed it down. I have to admit her’s was so good. It tasted like dessert with the Cookies ‘n Cream Hazelnut spread. I saved mine for breakfast this morning and loved every single bite.

We even took a picture to text to Daddy in Singapore. I was so happy and relieved to see her happy, peanut butter happy, and having fun making a snack I can feel good about her eating. Plus this is a breakfast or snack that literally takes 5 minutes to make. You can easily have your kids make their own Waffle Pizzas. Pick your favorite flavor of Jif spreads and smear some on a toasted waffle. Let them top it with their favorite fruit. You have an easy breakfast or snack plus it is like a craft, sort of. It feels creative so that makes it a craft in my book.

Great idea for a breakfast recipe. Kids can make their own pizzas #peanutbutterhappy #ad


As for the Jif bars, they are going to be kept in my gym bag. I go to the gym around lunch time so I am always starving. That makes driving through a fast food restaurant even more inviting. Munching a Jif bar on my way home saves me huge calories. It curbs my appetite so I can get home and make a healthy lunch. That is a savings of about 500 calories. Yeah hoo! Make this fun snack/craft for your kids. You can even find Ibotta deals for Jif Bars and Jif Spreads to save you a little money while having fun. I would love to see what fun waffle pizzas you come up with. Post them on Instagram with #fooddonelight.

Great idea for a breakfast recipe. Kids can make their own pizzas #peanutbutterhappy #ad
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Great idea for a breakfast recipe. Kids can make their own pizzas #peanutbutterhappy #ad

Healthy Waffle Peanut Butter Breakfast Pizzas

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 4
Calories 230 kcal
Author Christie Daruwalla


  • 4 waffles
  • 4 tbsp . Jif Maple flavored spread
  • 1 Banana , sliced
  • 1/2 cup Blueberries
  • 1/2 cup Raspberries


  1. Spread 1 tbsp. of Jif maple flavored spread on each waffle.
  2. Decorate with bananas, blueberries and raspberries.

Recipe Notes

I calculated 7 Weight Watcher smart points

Nutrition Facts
Healthy Waffle Peanut Butter Breakfast Pizzas
Amount Per Serving
Calories 230 Calories from Fat 99
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 11g 17%
Total Carbohydrates 30g 10%
Dietary Fiber 4g 16%
Protein 6g 12%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Happy Healthy Eating,


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Great idea for a breakfast recipe. Kids can make their own pizzas #peanutbutterhappy #ad

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  1. I'll bet your kids loved that!
  2. Pizza for breakfast? Yes please! AND it has peanut butter on it? EVEN BETTER! I am PB obsessed at the moment.
  3. Who wouldn't want breakfast pizzas. These would be a hit for a sleepover party...the kids would LOVE them.
  4. How cute are these! It would be impossible to skip breakfast if such a cute face gazed back at me from the plate each day.


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