Raspberry Spinach Smoothie Bowl with Cashews

Whip a delicious and beautiful dairy-free spinach smoothie bowl flavored with frozen raspberries and cashews for breakfast. Pin Raspberry Spinach Smoothie Bowl with Cashews here. For a couple of years now we have been dealing with my daughter's tummy issues. Her tummy aches would come but … [Read more...]

Mocha Frappuccino with Coconut (Vegan, Low Sugar)

There is no need to go to a coffee shop. Enjoy a cool, refreshing Mocha Frappuccino made with all vegan ingredients right at home. Pin Mocha Frappuccino with Coconut here. All winter long, I managed to avoid the afternoon munchies with a hot glass of tea with lemon and ginger.  Finally the … [Read more...]

Raita – Tomato Cucumber Yogurt Salad

Thanks to Silk for sponsoring this recipe for Raita, Tomato Cucumber Yogurt Salad as part of #TopIt Tuesday. Looking for a low carb, low sugar topping for your yogurt, try an Indian salad called Raita. Top your yogurt with tomatoes, cucumber and cinnamon for a healthy breakfast or snack. Pin … [Read more...]

Healthy Sauteed Garlic Cauliflower

An easy way to prep and cook cauliflower, sautéed in a pan with garlic. Try Sauteed Garlic Cauliflower for a healthy vegetable for dinner tonight. Pin Sauteed Garlic Cauliflower here.   My Dad introduced me to cooking cauliflower this way. What an eye opener. Do you hate cutting cauliflower into … [Read more...]

Healthy 10 minute Sweet Spicy Carrots

An easy 10 minute side dish for dinner, Healthy Sweet and Spicy Carrots. Do you have 10 minutes to have a little fun and get a jump-start on getting dinner on the table? That is all I needed for this fun recipe. I often concentrate on whatever protein we are eating for dinner and stick to my … [Read more...]