Fresh Peach BBQ Sauce

Fresh peaches flavor and sweeten this slightly spicy barbecue sauce. Lather on ribs, chicken or kebabs.   It continues to be all things peaches here in Georgia. I've been putting them in everything I can. One of our family's favorites is this Fresh Peach BBQ sauce. It is a little sweet, a … [Read more...]

Grilled Peach and Cheese Crostini

Fresh, grilled peaches top a crostini with creamy, mozzarella, a balsamic glaze and fresh herbs. Grilled Peach and Cheese Crostini are perfect healthy, summer appetizer. Pin Peach Cheese Crostini here.   Finally it's here! I've been waiting, not so patiently, and finally I can enjoy … [Read more...]

Mango Strawberry Peach Champagne Bellini Bar

Open a bottle of champagne or prosecco and celebrate Mother's Day with a mango bellini, strawberry rhubarb or peach raspberry flavored champagne cocktails. It's time for Recipe Redux again.  Recipe Redux is a recipe challenge founded by registered dieticians with a different theme each month.  … [Read more...]

Two for Tuesday continued: Chicken Sliders with Peach Chutney

A quick and easy dinner is only moments away. Chicken Sliders with Peach Chutney will make a delicious weeknight dinner. My first foray into chutneys was from a cooking light recipe for an apricot chutney.  They called it a chutney although it was really more of a sauce but it was enough to … [Read more...]

Two for Tuesday Peach Chutney and Chicken Sliders with Peach Chutney

Making your own peach chutney is easy. Brew up a batch to spread on toast, sandwiches or use as a dip. Chutney - ewww!  That was what I use to think about chutney.  I had this picture in my mind about some mushy fruit with a lot of raisins in it.  I HATE RAISINS!!  It just seemed so unappealing … [Read more...]