Healthy Cider Bacon Baked Beans

Three types of beans baked in a light sauce with tangy cider vinegar and smoky bacon with a touch of sweetness, Healthy Cider Bacon Baked Beans are a potluck or BBQ's best friend. Pin Cider Bacon Baked Beans here. If there is one food I always look forward to at a BBQ, it is baked beans. I … [Read more...]

Watermelon Margarita Mocktail

Thanks to the Georgia Watermelon Association for sponsoring this delicious and healthy recipe, Virgin Watermelon Margaritas. Any and all opinions are my own. What is the first fruit you think of when it is summer? I bet it is watermelon. What fruit is more quintessentially associated with … [Read more...]

Healthy Smoked Brisket (Beef, Lower Fat)

Delicious smoked brisket with a dry rub of warm spices smoked to perfection will be your go-to this BBQ season. It is a leaner cut of beef making it a little healthier. Pin Smoked Brisket here. I have had many horribly dry pieces of smoked brisket in my time. In fact I had so many bad brisket … [Read more...]

Green Goddess Deviled Eggs with Crispy Ham

Stir in some herbaceous green goddess dip into your deviled eggs and top with crispy bits of ham for a healthy, fun twist on deviled eggs. Pin Deviled Eggs here.   Green Eggs and Ham! That is exactly how this recipe came about. I was trying to come up with something for April Fool's … [Read more...]