Grilled Peach and Cheese Crostini

Fresh, grilled peaches top a crostini with creamy, mozzarella, a balsamic glaze and fresh herbs. Grilled Peach and Cheese Crostini are perfect healthy, summer appetizer. Pin Peach Cheese Crostini here.   Finally it's here! I've been waiting, not so patiently, and finally I can enjoy … [Read more...]

Turkey Chorizo and Chicken Cassoulet Soup

Based on a French stew, Turkey Chorizo and Chicken Cassoulet Soup is a healthy and satisfying dinner perfect for a cold night. When I was little my Dad started making Cassoulet, a French stew made with meat and beans. It usually includes duck and sausage with white beans. … [Read more...]

Penne with Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Turkey Sausage

Whole grain pasta tossed with a creamy, roasted red pepper sauce and delicious meaty bits of turkey sausage. Enjoy some healthy Italian for dinner tonight. We have pasta whenever I want to re-live our trip to Italy.  It was almost 10 years ago now but is still my all-time favorite vacation.  The … [Read more...]

Northern and Mushroom Provencal

Northern Bean and Cremini Mushroom Provencal will taste just like a beef stew without the beef. This is perfect for meatless Monday. I have been having a huge craving for a Beef Stew, specifically Cooking Lights Beef Daube Provencal.  You can check out their recipe here.  I have been making … [Read more...]

Healthy Recipe Round Up #1

I am absolutely addicted to recipes.  When I buy a cookbook, I read the entire book at once if I can.  I have lots of magazine subscriptions and love to pin.  I just cannot get enough.  I have been seeing so many recipes that have been inspiring to me that I really wanted to be able to share some … [Read more...]