Baked Ham and Coleslaw Sandwich with Thousand Island

My favorite sandwich, smoky baked ham, Swiss cheese, crunchy coleslaw and a smear of Thousand Island on Rye. My sandwich at lunch today is making my brain spin.¬† My brain is in super hyper drive thinking about the future.¬† Yes all of that from a sandwich; which is highly coincidental as I … [Read more...]

Grilled Cheese Kale and Onion (Healthy)

Grilled Cheese Kale and Onion deliciously grilled bread filled with American and Swiss cheese plus crispy kale and onion is the perfect dish for a healthy lunch. Pin Grilled Cheese Kale Sandwich here. Healthy breakfast? Check. Healthy Dinner? Check. Healthy Lunch? Ummm. Lunch has become an … [Read more...]

Eat Healthy All Day Recipe Round Up

Eating healthy requires planning. Here are ¬†options for two days of healthy eating. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack/dessert are all covered. Mix and match, have some fun. Day 1 Happy Food Healthy Life - Ruby Red Smoothie Remember when we lived in a castle - Chickpea, Sundried Tomato & Spicy … [Read more...]