Curried Lentil Rice Loaf

Curried Lentil Rice Loaf is a delicious way to enjoy clean, healthy eating. It's delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Try it with a salad for dinner. Before I met my husband and was introduced to lentils, I don't think I had ever cooked with them before. Lentils seemed very exotic to me. The … [Read more...]

Sauteed Radishes with Pancetta

A quick saute of radishes with a sprinkling of crispy pancetta make a healthy vegetable dish for dinner. I always thought we ate enough vegetables. We had them every night and always enjoyed them. When I visualized a dinner plate with half of it filled with vegetables, I started to second guess … [Read more...]

Healthy Seafood Recipe Round Up

Today is a celebration of seafood. We try to eat seafood for dinner a few times a week. With these healthy seafood recipes, it is easy to have seafood for dinner. … [Read more...]