Coconut Chocolate Cherry Truffles

Think of Coconut Chocolate Cherry Truffles as a healthy form of candy. Dried dates and other fruits are covered in dark chocolate. It is a healthy sweet bite. Another recipe where I am busting through my preconceived notions about an ingredient. What a freeing experience! First I got over my … [Read more...]

Thai Chicken Curry Soup

Enjoy a hot and spicy bowl of Thai Chicken Curry Soup with a delicious coconut broth, chunks of tender chicken and a homemade curry paste. When I go to a Thai restaurant, I love to have soup.  I love all the flavors mingling together along with a little heat.  It's an intoxicating mix of herbs … [Read more...]

Healthy Coconut Rice with Saffron and Mango (Easy)

Coconut Rice with Saffron  and Mango is a healthy side dish perfect for any night. Everyone will enjoy this intoxicating rice. Coconut  Rice with Saffron and Mango, just the name sounds so good let alone the actual dish.  When I think about all those wonderful flavors, my taste buds sing.  The … [Read more...]