Weekly Recap Dec 16th – 22nd

Another week has just flown by.  The serious countdown for Christmas has begun, 3 DAYS!  I have not wrapped a single present yet.  Luckily I am a speed demon when it comes to wrapping.  When I was in College, one year I worked at a Department Store in their gift wrapping department.  I have serious … [Read more...]

Chocolate Gingerbread Tea Cakes

Chocolate Gingerbread Tea Cakes made with whole wheat are reduced calorie and fat but still full flavor. Try these mini desserts tonight. I chose to do this recipe today because my daughter absolutely loved them. It seems just as this tragedy is wrapped around the loss of such young, innocent … [Read more...]

Baked Orange Chocolate Chip Donuts

Baked Orange Chocolate Chip Donuts are a healthy way to start the day or have for a snack. Sometimes you have to get creative to keep food you love.  Let's face it, on a diet you cannot have your cake and eat it too.  I had been having a craving for an orange chocolate chip cake I love, but … [Read more...]

Chocolate Cherry Cheese Tarts

Chocolate Cherry Cheese Tarts are a low calorie dessert or treat for any occasion. I love dessert! Such a simple statement but it can wreak havoc on my diet.  I have been trying to find different ways to satisfy not only my sweets craving but my love of baking.  I love to make and decorate … [Read more...]