Baked Ham and Coleslaw Sandwich with Thousand Island

My favorite sandwich, smoky baked ham, Swiss cheese, crunchy coleslaw and a smear of Thousand Island on Rye. My sandwich at lunch today is making my brain spin.  My brain is in super hyper drive thinking about the future.  Yes all of that from a sandwich; which is highly coincidental as I … [Read more...]

Greek Cheese Layered Spread (Low Calorie)

 Layers of cream cheese, spinach and roasted red peppers make a delicious and low-fat dip. Serve Greek  Cheese Layered Dip at your next party. Pin Greek Cheese Layered  Spread here. It is time for Surprise Recipe Swap again.  Surprise Recipe Swap is where I get assigned another food … [Read more...]

Ham Cheese and Green Onion Souffle

What do you do with leftover ham?  Ham Cheese and Green Onion Soufflé is the perfect answer.  I was a late comer to soufflés.  I have a love hate relationship with eggs and that kind of translated into a I hate souffles mentality.  I really love this soufflé though.  It doesn't taste like eggs.  It … [Read more...]

Hot Brown Turkey Spinach Sandwiches

What is better than turkey, bread and gravy? Hot Brown Turkey Spinach Sandwiches, that's what! Oh my gosh, they were good. A nice slice of fresh bread, topped with some hot turkey, leftover creamed spinach and gravy that is pumped up with some cheese, ooey, gooey cheese! This is a sandwich among … [Read more...]

Pita Bread with Cheddar, Green onion & Ajwain

Making your own homemade pita bread is really easy with a few tips. Try making these Cheddar, Green Onion and Ajwain Pita bread today. They will make a great lunch tomorrow Oh Pita Bread! Oh, Pita Bread!  I am singing in my head to the tune of "O, Christmas Tree".  How I love thee.  It has … [Read more...]