Saving and Printing Recipes with Ziplist

Recipes – meet your new best friend. I am proud to announce that Food Done Light now offers ZipList – the must have shopping list that makes life easier.  Many of you may already use ZipList on other sites. For those of you who aren’t familiar, you can now add the ingredients for any recipe from Food Done Light to your shopping list with just one click. Or just save recipes that you know you want to make later to the ZipList recipe box. Now you can keep all your favorite recipes from all your favorite sites in one organized place – on the web or on-the-go with the free ZipList mobile app. What could be better?

So here is a quick tutorial to show you how to get started.

Go to Ziplist and create an account.  Yes, you do have to create a free account to save the recipes.  Take a look around and you will see that Ziplist has partnered with lots of cool sites, from blogs to major publications like Parade, Bon Appetit and many more.  You can save recipes from any of their partners onto your Ziplist account.




When you are on Food Done Light or any partner page, you can easily access your Recipe Box and Grocery list. Yes, you can make a grocery list. Awesomeness! The links are on my top menu bar.


ziplist recipe box scren shot

ziplist screen shot shopping list

If you are reading a recipe and want to save it to your recipe box, there is a handy-dandy save it button for you to click. Right next door to the save recipe button is a print button.

recipe screen shot save recipe button

I even have the mobile app on my phone. It has saved me from forgetting something for a recipe at the grocery store more than once.
ziplist moble app screen shot

That’s the low down on Ziplist. If you want more information on how to use Ziplist, check out their how it works page.  I have gone back and added all Food Done Light recipes into the Ziplist format so you can add any Food Done Light recipe to your recipe box.  Happy, healthy eating!

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