My Favorite Healthy Low Calorie Recipes of 2016

My favorite, most delicious low calorie recipes of 2016 from Food Done Light.

Favorite healthy low calorie recipes 2016 - perfect for my diet.

Happy New Year!

Here I am picking my favorite child, I mean recipes from 2016. It feels like they are my children. These healthy, low calorie recipes are a perfect way to start out eating healthfully in 2016. They will help you stick to your diet and still feel satisfied. Have you tried any of them? You most!

My Favorite Healthy Low Calorie Recipes of 2016

  1. Herbed Turkey Parmesan –  I love using turkey instead of chicken. It is lower in saturated fat and Weight Watcher points. Herbed Turkey Parmesan
  2. Less Sugar Kettle Corn – this recipe reminded me of a trip to a Honeysuckle White Turkey Farm where I met Farmer Glenn. It had a huge impact on me.Less Sugar Kettle Corn
  3. Ratatouille Vegetable Tarts – The sauce and the crispy tart crust make my mouth water. Fresh spring vegetables make this dish a real winner. Spring Ratatouille Tart
  4. Strawberry Poppyseed Salad in Gouda Cups – Beemster is one of my all-time favorite cheese. These little morsels are the perfect way to enjoy it and make a spectacular Mother’s Day dish.  Strawberry Poppyseed Salad in Gouda Cups
  5. Grilled Habanero BBQ Vegetable Sandwiches – You will not miss the meat on this sandwich. This is one hearty meal full of spice.Grilled Habanero BBQ Vegetable Sandwiches
  6. NY Strips with Marsala Mushrooms Sauce and Crispy Shallots – These are perfect for Valentine’s night in. The crispy shallots remind me of a steak house, but without all the calories.  healthy-ny-strip-steak-marsala-7948-550
  7. German Chocolate Martini – I loved the coconut and chocolate flavors of this martini. It was so good we invited neighbors over and all had a Martini.German Chocolate Martini
  8. Eggplant Rollatini – This may seem silly, but this dish took years to perfect. The issue was how to get moist cooked eggplant without using a lot of oil. The answer was steaming it. Without the oil, I had extra calories for cheese. Eggplant Rollatini
  9. Ranch Caesar Pasta Salad – A favorite lunch spot of mine makes the best pasta salad, and their secret is a mix of ranch and caesar dressing. It is so easy to make at home. Caesar Ranch Pasta Salad
  10. Asian Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo – Clean, fresh flavor is what these healthy salmon burgers are all about. Love the heat from the Sriracha Mayo, too.  Asian Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo
  11. Spiral Truffle Parmesan Fries – These truffle fries turned my child into a true truffle lover. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have made these fries since the recipe posted.  Truffle Parmesan Spiral Fries
  12. Parsi Frittata – This is my husband’s recipe based on his childhood eating a Parsi Omelet. Basically it is an omelet with Indian spices. We converted it into a frittata so it is perfect to feed a crowd at breakfast. You will never want plain eggs again.  
  13. Bacon Greek Salad Cups – Admittedly these are not the lowest calorie appetizer recipe on Food Done Light, but they are so tasty. They are perfect for a special cocktail party. Who can resist a cup made of bacon? Your salad will never have tasted so good. Greek Salad in Bacon Cups
  14. Whole Wheat Cranberry Coffee Cake – a sweet recipe made the list. I am more of a “salty” person than sweet, so it is no wonder the sweets are not properly represented. This coffee cake is so easy and the crumb is fantastic. Whole Wheat Cranberry Coffee Cake
  15. Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta Pizza – I agree with you all. This was the most popular recipe this year on Food Done Light, and it is a favorite of mine too. The portobello makes a fabulous “crust” for a pizza. Portabella Mushroom Bruschetta Pizza


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    May you have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2017.
  2. These look yummy, Christie! Great meeting you the other day!

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