Lure – A Contemporary Atlanta Fish House
1106 Crescent Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Reservations through Open Table

Oh what a find! Friends had highly recommended this new Fish restaurant in Midtown.  We went with very high expectations which were EXCEEDED!  First of all it was a gorgeous night, perfect temperature for sitting outside.  We went with some friends and asked to sit on their patio.  The patio is covered and the tables are nicely laid out.  You feel like you have a little privacy.   What a nice change from the trend to pack in as many people as possible.

Our server, Joe, came to our table to explain the menu and ask about drinks.  They have a nice wine selection as well as interesting cocktails and something called “Shochu”.  The menu explains that Shochu is somewhere between a martini and white wine.  They have a variety of different flavors and I went with the hakutake shiro which was served with coconut water and coconut bark.  This is a strong drink.  I thought it was much more like a martini than white wine.  There was some serious alcohol in it and very little coconut water.  If you don’t like a stiff drink, have something else.

As for the food, just reading the menu is dazzling. It is broken down into three categories: raw, chilled & really fresh, for you or for sharing and sizable servings.  Their menu is great for a “tapas” style meal or an entrée.  Great options for everyone.

We started with the smoked fish platter.

Smoked blue fish with pickled beets and creme fraiche, smoked salmon with pickled cucumbers and smoked trout pate with fish roe and shallots

Smoked blue fish with pickled beets and creme fraiche, smoked salmon with pickled cucumbers and smoked trout pate with fish roe and shallots served with pumpernickel bread points.  The platter shows off various smoking techniques cold and hot smoking perfectly.  The bluefish was out of this world.  It had great smoke flavor but still let the fish shines through.  The pickled beets added a nice hit of acid and the creme fraiche provided some creaminess and a little more sweet and tangy flavor.  It was the perfect bite.  The smoked trout pate was also delectable.  Lovely buttery, creamy texture with a background of smoke.  The smoked salmon was actually my least favorite.  I thought it could have use a more smoky flavor but the cucumbers were delish.

Seared scallop crudo with snap pea puree and horseradish

Seared scallop crudo with snap peas and horseradish was next. Perfectly seared scallops still rare in the middle were sliced and served with a snap pea puree with hints or horseradish and a few julienne snap peas. This dish was a delicate balance, light and fresh and refreshing. The horseradish provided a nice heat to wake up your palate. A true winner.

Grilled pork and octopus lettuce wraps, mixed herbs, spicy Vietnamese sauce

Next was my personal favorite dish of the night “Grilled Pork and Octopus Lettuce Wraps with mixed herbs and spicy Vietnamese sauce”.  I never knew pork and octopus went so well together.  What a symphony of flavors.  It is served with crisp butter lettuce leaves, a small vessel of pork and octopus in a light barbecue sauce, rice vermicelli noodles, cilantro, mint and a spicy fish sauce based condiment.  One bite and you are intoxicated with the flavors joining together for the perfect bite.

Seared spiced grouper with curry creamed corn and yogurt

This was a beautiful dish, seared grouper with curry creamed corn and yogurt. My hubby’s favorite of the night. Perfectly seared grouper crusted with a light spice nested on top of creamed corn with a hint of curry powder and adorned with a dollop of yogurt and chili oil. Take a little bit of everything in one bite and wow your mouth will explode with flavor and happiness.

Fresh, salty oysters served with cocktail sauce and shochu mignonette

Lure had three different oysters on the menu so we got one of each to try. Each was fresh with flavors of the ocean. They were served with a cocktail sauce brimming with horseradish and a shochu mignonette. Just a little dab on an oyster, then sheer heaven.

Grilled rib eye with horseradish creamy potatoes and peppery greens

One of our friends had an entrée, the rib eye. It was cooked to his desired temperature and most surprisingly served with creamy potatoes that stole the show. We joked with the General Manager that next time we want a large bowl of these creamy potatoes. Crunchy potato pieces were tossed with horseradish, bacon and possibly gouda. I could eat this everyday.

Homemade vanilla soft serve ice cream in a hot fudge sundae and rice pudding sundae

Last but not least was dessert.  Lure makes their own vanilla soft serve ice cream which comes with either the a hot fudge ice cream sundae or a rice pudding rum raisin sundae.  The ice cream has lovely creaminess and vanilla flavor.  The hot fudge sundae came with 3 large strips of fudge brownies to dip in the ice cream, a fabulous dessert.  As for the rice pudding sundae, we would have liked more rice pudding!  There was lots of ice cream with just a little rice pudding.  The guava coconut bread pudding was quite good.  It was not overly sweet with hints of fresh coconut and guava.  I would have liked just a little more guava flavor.  My husband loved his cheese plate, and so did I.  At first he was a little unhappy that it was only served with one cheese but that one cheese was spectacular.  The Cabothouse cheddar has a lovely aged treat and was quite reminiscent of a good English cheddar.  It commanded the stage and needed no other.    The candied fennel was also a surprising hit.  The fennel was slightly sticky and sweet but still allowed the anise flavor of the fennel to shine through.  It beautifully accompanied the cheddar.

Guava Coconut Bread Pudding

Lure is now my favorite restaurant.  I cannot wait to go back.  Currently they are only open for dinner but will be open for lunch and brunch next month.  If you are looking for fantastic food and ambience, Lure is the restaurant to go to.



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