Labor Day Recipe Round Up

Labor Day Healthy aRecipe Round Up #healthyrecipes #bbqrecipes #potluckrecipesHappy Labor Day Weekend.  Hope you get to enjoy some time with friends and family for one of the last BBQ worthy weekends of the year.  Today’s recipes are perfect for a BBQ or potluck.  Bon Appetit.

0e4259fc2e5606fc8c268649658d533aDaily Food Recipes – Grilled King Shrimp with Lemon & Chili Dip

4fabe9a936b83bb69f143d5b4e23cd55Brooke’s Kitchen of Culinary Dreams – Marinated Fig Salad with Blue Cheese & Walnuts

4fde58ee6606791b0871590db980f56cEat Good 4 Life – Lemonade and Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

5d184afb820c479259363a6243523b28The Baking Fairy – Sweet Potato Honey Brownies

044eecd1e34821910e91bf166e4a70d4Taking on the Magazines – Sweet & Spicy Sesame Chicken Kebabs

51d6edab7066fd1d07392b057a1f3be7The Kitchen is my Playground – Blueberry Salsa

614b79dab4f2230bed4e55bd5b8435c1Tales of a Kitchen – Carrot & Hummus Rolls

02588f420dd4fe0ed213d93613de0da7NY Melrose Family – Strawberry Lemon Herbal Tea Slushies

5333753-12461146-thumbnailHip Girls Guide to Homemaking – Fridge Pickles 101

cf31985edd5b867546d7ff6bca63ade3Searching for Dessert – Cherry Cobbler Meringues


  1. Thanks so much for including my Herbal Tea Slushie in this delicious round up!


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