Halloween Watermelon Carving

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Forget carving a pumpkin for Halloween, carve a watermelon instead. This Halloween themed watermelon carving is simple to do at home.
Watermelon Carving - Halloween

Why only carve a pumpkin at Halloween? Try Watermelon carving instead. There are so many possibilities with those gorgeous dark green and light green strips on the rind of the watermelon. You can get really creative with your watermelon carving, especially if you are more talented than I. Believe me that is not hard to do. The procedure for watermelon carving is pretty much the same as carving a pumpkin. You can even use the same tools and stencils.

Halloween Carving

Just like a pumpkin, you need to remove all of the flesh from the inside of the watermelon. I find an ice cream scoop the best tool for the job. However, do not throw away the flesh.  Puree it and freeze for cocktails. You can make Watermelon Margaritas, Watermelon Sangria or Watermelon Mojitos. After all the whole watermelon is edible. Then you can carve the watermelon just like you would a pumpkin. In fact I find the watermelon rind slightly easier to cut.

If you don’t feel comfortable carving, try using different fruits and vegetables and decorate your watermelon. Ginger makes great eye brows, spring onions make perfect tentacles, leafy lettuce makes spooky hair. Use your imagination. The whole family will love watermelon carving for Halloween. In addition watermelon is healthy, It is cholesterol free, a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. What would you carve with a watermelon?

Halloween Watermelon Carving - Frankenstein

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Halloween Watermelon Carving - Frankenstein

Halloween Watermelon Carving

Author Christie Daruwalla


  • 1 Watermelon


  1. Draw a picture onto the watermelon.

  2. Cut out a whole in the bottom of the watermelon.

  3. Remove all of the flesh of the watermelon.

  4. Cut out drawing.

  5. Add a tea light inside the watermelon.

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Halloween Watermelon Carving - Frankenstein


  1. Lol! This watermelon carving looks awesome! So creative and interesting! Thank you for sharing this idea =)

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