1.  Why do you measure in grams instead of ounces?

The reason is simple. It’s easier!  You don’t need to worry about knowing the metric system to measure in grams.  When I first started baking and measuring I could never remember how many ounces were in a cup of flour.  So I looked at the bag of flour and saw it said 1/4 cup flour was 30 grams.  I never had to try to remember again.  I could just look at the package read how many grams were in a 1/4 cup then simply multiple by the 4 to get grams in 1 cup.

2.  Can I use regular salt instead of kosher salt?

Sure, just start with a little less than half the amount of salt and add salt to your taste.

3.  How are you counting calories for cooking spray?

In order to get no calories or fat from cooking spray, your spray has to be for a mire 1/4 second.  According to “Pam Cooking Spray”, a one second spray has about 8 calories and 1 gram of fat.  While that is not a lot it can add up quickly especially if you are spraying phyllo dough.  So spray phyllo lightly!  Cooking spray also ruins non-stick pans so I have stopped using it for the most part.  It still has a lot less calories and fat than oil or butter but pick and choose when is the best time to use it.