Cinco de Mayo Recap

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From Top Left:  Tropical Fruit Bread with Papaya Cream Cheese, Crab Mango Enchiladas, Scallop Ceviche with Baked Plantains, Fruited Black Bean Salad, Quatro Leches Rice Pudding, Mexican Chocolate Pound Cake

Don’t panic!  I’m a little early with my Cinco de Mayo recipes.  There is still plenty of time to plan a fun celebration.  With Mother’s Day right after, I wanted time to show to post those recipes too.  I’ve been enjoying doing theme recipes and I hope you have too.  These were all about reliving a cruise we took with a stop in Cancun.  What a fun time it was.  Of course, it is making my desire to take another vacation even worse.  I cannot wait for June when we will go on another cruise.

I’m working on Father’s Day recipes now.  I just haven’t decided what to make  BBQ, something refined like a crown roast of pork or seafood or just a big honky piece of meat.  My husband and Dad like us to make a bunch of different appetizers from around the world.  So far the popular vote seems to be BBQ.  What type of recipes would you like to see for Father’s Day?  I have been holding a few BBQ recipes for Memorial Day and July 4th.    I need to decide quickly and start working on recipes.

Some recipes take a lot longer than others to get right.  I have a long list of recipes that have not turned out at all.    I keep them in a folder marked under construction.  From time to time I will pick one to work on.  The problem is I need to be inspired and get quite frustrated when a recipe does not turn out.  My type A personality comes out in full force.  If a recipe is close to the way I want, than I take it as a challenge to keep trying until I get it to taste like I would like.  I have on recipe that took me about 6 months to get right.  I had to put it aside for a few months until I thought of a different way to approach the recipe.  I am so glad I did because it has become my favorite recipe ever.  I haven’t shared it yet.  It would be a perfect Valentine’s meal but I’m not sure I can wait that long.  Did I already mention patience is not my strong suit?

I would love to some feedback about the recipes.   Do you have recipes that you liked?  What about ones that did not turn out?  Let me know I would love to know even if you did not like.  I would appreciate some specifics so I can see if it was an error in my recipe or just different tastes.



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