Kimchi flavored Pineapple (Healthy, Gluten Free)

A fun play on kimchi, Kimchi flavored Pineapple chunks. Eat it on it's own. Add to wraps or salsa. Add to soup or salads. Pin Pineapple Kimchi here. Kimchi flavored pineapple may seem like a recipe out of left field, but it really is going back to what I love. In the first place, it is a fun … [Read more...]

Tomato Jam with Bacon (Low Calorie, Gluten Free)

Thank you to Tuttorosso Tomatoes for sponsoring this recipe for Tomato Jam with Bacon. All opinions are my own. Why wait for tomato season to make Tomato Jam with Bacon? Tuttorosso Tomatoes taste just like fresh and make the best tomato jam. Pin Tomato Jam with Bacon here. I use to be a … [Read more...]

Strawberry Jam with Chia Seeds – (No refined sugar)

Making strawberry jam is easy with chia seeds instead of pectin plus no refined sugar for a healthy strawberry  jam anyone can make. Pin Strawberry Jam with Chia Seeds here. Formerly, I was scared to death about the thought of making my own jam, although I was also longing to do it. The … [Read more...]

Homemade Fresh Basil Oil

Make your own basil and olive oil blend. Swirl a little Homemade Basil Oil on soup, or make salad dressing. Homemade is healthier and cheaper than store-bought. Pin Basil Oil here. Homemade Basil oil seems a little out of left field for me. What, this is a recipe where one of the main … [Read more...]

Fresh Peach BBQ Sauce

Fresh peaches flavor and sweeten this slightly spicy barbecue sauce. Lather on ribs, chicken or kebabs.   It continues to be all things peaches here in Georgia. I've been putting them in everything I can. One of our family's favorites is this Fresh Peach BBQ sauce. It is a little sweet, a … [Read more...]