Best Healthy Christmas Breakfast Recipes

The best recipes to enjoy a special breakfast on Christmas morning that is healthy and absolutely scrumptious.

These are perfect for Christmas morning and I love that they are all healthy

Christmas morning is a special time in our house.  My little one will wake up and ask if Santa has come.  My husband will sneak downstairs to turn the coffee machine on and to get the picture of my daughter’s first glimpse at the Christmas tree with presents underneath.  My daughter digs into her stocking while we make coffee.  Yes, there must be coffee even on Christmas morning.  After opening presents, we are ravenous.  It is time for a special breakfast.  What better time is there to have something special.  Special doesn’t have to mean it is loaded in fat and calories though.  You can still enjoy a special, delectable breakfast that is healthy with these recipes.

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Baked Goodies

Cinnamon Swirl Apple BreadA Kitchen Addiction – Cinnamon Swirl Apple Bread

Cranberry Oat Honey Bread

Fabtastic Eats – Cranberry Honey Oat Bread 

Salted Dark Chocolate Pear Scones

A Kitchen Addiction – Salted Dark Chocolate Pear Scones 

Apple Pie Coffee Cake

Food Done Light – Apple Pie Coffee Cake 


Five Heart Home – Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal 

Eggs and Eggless

Mushroom Artichoke Gruyere Crustless Quiche

Lauren Kelly Nutrition – Mushroom Artichoke Gruyere Crustless Quiche 


 Heather’s French Press – Prosciutto and Kale Egg Cups

Kale Saute with Egg

 Bloomi – Kale Saute with Egg and Goat Cheese


 Uproot from Oregon – Portobello Baked Eggs with Sundried Tomatoes & Goat Cheese

Eggs in Squash Rings

A Saucy Kitchen – Eggs in Squash Rings 

Eggs Benedict Breakfast Casserole

 Food Done Light – Eggs Benedict Breakfast Casserole

 Mexican Breakfast Casserole

Simply Healthy Family – Mexican Breakfast Casserole 


Spabettie – Avocado Kale Florentine 

Pancakes & Waffles

Caramel Apple Stuffed Waffles

Happy Food, Healthy Life – Caramel Apple Stuffed Waffles 

Sweet Potato Waffles

 Running to the Kitchen – Sweet Potato Waffles

Gingerbread Pancakes

Food Done Light – Gingerbread Pancakes 

Coconut Oil Pumpkin Spice PancakesWhole & Heavenly Oven – Coconut Oil Pumpkin Spice Pancakes 


 Jeanette’s Healthy Living – Gluten Free Chocolate Oatmeal Pancakes


Heather’s French Press – S’more Waffles 



Cupcakes & Kale Chips – Dill Hashbrown Potatoes 

Sausage_03 (500x333)

 Food Done Light – Homemade Turkey Breakfast Sausage


 Food Done Light – Crepes Suzette Yogurt Parfaits with Crunchy Quinoa

 But wait, there’s more.  Check out these deliciously, healthy breakfast collections:

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  1. I have to admit that Christmas is one of the days in the year that I normally throw health out the window. I get the best fine meats, crackers, and cheese and eat to my hearts content. However, the quiche you have posted looks good enough for me to add it to my list. Thanks for posting.


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