About me

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Hi, I'm Christie.

Thanks for visiting "Food Done Light".

I started this blog with the intent to help me lose weight.  I mean A LOT of weight!  I had great success last year and lost 32lbs.  You would think that would have kept me motivated this year but alas, that little voice in my head saying "you are hungry" has been winning. I did not want to lose the progress I made so I thought a food blog might help "keep my feet to the fire".

The problem is I LOVE FOOD.  I love the thought of food, the smell, the texture, the taste - Everything!  I love to go to a restaurant and figure out what the ingredients are in a dish and then go home and put my own spin on the dish or use the ingredients in a different way.  I make goals to learn new techniques and flavors - like learning to make croissants or cheese.  I am a food geek.

That is where "Food Done Light" fits in.  You will see some original healthy recipes, recipe re-do's (take a recipe I love and lighten it), and some of my favorite healthy recipes from other inspiring food authors.  You will also see an occasional not so good for you, but good for the soul, recipe and maybe even my attempt at the croissants and cheese.  To keep me honest and inspired, I am going to include a weight loss tracker, shortly, to share my progress.  I hope this will inspire you to share your experiences and ideas.

My goal is to keep my passion for food but find ways to fit it into my calorie restrictions and hopefully, along the way, change my eating habits for good.

I hope you will join me on my journey. You can also find me at Google +.