2015 Healthy Challenge – Journaling

Welcome to the Food Done Light 2015 Healthy Challenge! Each week will be a different challenge to change your lifestyle and get healthy.

2015 Healthy Challenge Week #1 - Journaling - Join us

It is time to get healthy once and for all.  We will complete small weekly challenges to achieve our healthy goals.

We actually started in December with a challenge to get a physical.  If you are just joining us, set an appointment with your doctor and get a physical.  You need to know what your body needs and what it can do.  The purpose of the challenge is to take baby steps and rely on each other to get healthy.  It doesn’t matter if you are well on your way to health or just starting.  We can take baby steps together to achieve our goals.  Normally I just jump right in.  I start a strict diet and push myself to exercise five days a week.  Then I burn out or hurt myself.  So this year, I am going to take it a little slower.  I am hoping by really concentratinw.  The last time I was at my goal weight was 14 years ago.  I have had so many stops and starts since.  I even startg on one change a week, I really will be changing my lifestyle and not just dieting in the moment.

I have been on a weight roller coaster for 15 years noed this blog to try to help me lose weight.  It makes me laugh, but that is the way my mind works.  I love to cook, and I tend to eat healthier when I feel a commitment to others.  In the beginning, it really worked  I was down 50 lbs.  Then my husband had to have heart surgery, a mitro valve repair, and I put myself on the “back burner”.  I just could not deal with the stress of his medical condition and needs and diet.  Well, he got back on his feet and I haven’t.  I said last year I was going to do it.  I have lost and gained the same 5 lbs all year.  Most of the stops and starts were due to injury.  I thought I could just pick up the exercise, where I had stopped.  Stupid!  Oh so stupid!

I am trying to get it right this year for once and all.  So baby steps it is.  When I thought about which should be the first step, it felt a little like what came first the chicken or the egg.  You need to eat less and exercise more to lose weight.  While it sounds simple, there is so much to it.  Yes, you need to eat less, but you still need to eat healthy food that sustains your workouts and makes you feel satisfied.  So you need to know the calories of food, and what is in them.  You also need to know what type of food works for you and what a real portion size looks like.

So that is why I decided to start with journaling.  You need to write down everything you eat and the calories and fat associated with it.  If you know the calories and fat in food, you can figure out a weekly menu and what works best for your body.  So surprise, the first challenge is not to cut your calories, it is simply to write down everything you eat.  There are a lot of free on-line programs to use.  I personally like My Fitness Pal.  It is easy to use and free.  You can even use a pen and paper.  Whatever works for you is fine.  Also make a little note at the end of the day about whether you felt satisfied or if there was a certain time you were really hungry.  Also pay attention to whether you felt like you had more energy on days you had more protein or more carbohydrates.  My husband does better with higher carbohydrates and I am better with an equal balance of protein and carbohydrates.  You need to find out what works best for you.  Journaling will also force you to look at the nutritional value of food.  It may be a rude awakening, or just the reminder you need.

Next week, we will take another baby step on our journey to get healthy.  To help us stay motivated and support each other, I’ve set up a private Facebook group.  This is where we can ask questions (not medical questions) or ask for support.  You can also share tips that work for you.  We can also check in with each other to see how we are all doing.  You can also leave comments here.

You can join the Food Done Light Facebook Group here.  This group is separate from the Food Done Light page.

Thank you so much for joining me and helping to support each other as we make 2015 the year we finally get healthy.

Happy Healthy Eating,



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  1. I am hoping that this journey will be successful. Thanks for allowing me to join you.
  2. Count me in am trying, I need to lose 100 pds nice and easy no fast and crash. Am in my 60s had by pass and cancer I have to eat right. I just have to change the way I cook. I found your site on FB and love it and now this kin helping us lose weight awsome...and its Free is this correct? Well thank you..my angel.
    • Christie Daruwalla says
      Hi Zee, So glad you found Food Done Light. This is free! Glad to have you on this weight loss journey. Happy Healthy Eating, Christie


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