Weekly Recap January 12th, 2013

Apple Pear Strudel, Tomato Fennel Soup, Butternut Squash Lentils #fooddonelightThis weeks recipes from left to top right to bottom right:  Apple Pear Strudel, Roasted Tomato Fennel Soup, and Butternut Squash Lentils (dal)

Another week has sped by.  This was such a busy week for us that I have hardly had time to catch my breath.  Last night when I could not sleep -(I bet a lot of you are saying “Me, too”) I was thinking about what I wanted to write in this recap today.  I have really come to love writing this particular post with a little snapshot in our life but I’ve been feeling it is getting to be a little bit of a downer.  Life is very stressful right now dealing with the my hubby’s new medical issues and we are going to have a bumpy ride for a few months.  I have been letting that consume me and need to stop!  One thing I like about writing this blog is that I can show a side to me that I don’t show very often, the goof ball side.  If you ask my friends, goof ball is not a term they would associate with me.  For those few who know me extremely well for a long period of time, then they see the goof ball side from time to time.  When I am writing I don’t censor myself as much and can say all the goofy things that pop in to my mind.  I really enjoy that!  It makes me happy, it makes me giggle at myself and not take myself so seriously.  I am going to try to get back to that a little bit more and not be so marred down with the stress right now.  I bet that will help my diet, exercise and sleep too!  Knock, knock – did I put you to sleep or are you still with me?!

Anyway, the food, the food!  We have had some good eats this week.  I have been testing some new recipes and got a few winners that you will see soon.  I’m concentrating on Valentine’s Day right now.  I’ve got an appetizer ready to go and am super excited about the main dish.  Drum roll please – SCALLOPS!  That is all I’m telling you.  Now if I can get some good pictures of it, we will be set.  I’m making a cake today!  I’m feeling giddy about this one.  I have been dying for a piece of cake lately.  Huge cravings!  I have had this cake on the back burner for a while because I could not make up my mind about frosting!  The cake itself is fairly healthy and I have finally decided what to do with the frosting and filing.  Fingers & toes crossed it works!  I’m still up in the air about a salad or veggie.  I have a couple of salad recipes I haven’t shared yet but I am leaning towards making a warm salad or warm salad dressing.  I just cannot make up my mind.  I am extremely indecisive at the moment.  I’m going to stew on it for a few more days and it will come to me!  I hope you will love our special Valentine’s menu which I plan to share the first week in February.

In the meantime, we have some wonderfully light recipes this week.  My goal #3 for the New Year was to eat more lentils as a meat substitute.  Lentils are sooo good for you.  I added one of my favorite winter vegetables, butternut squash, to the lentils to make Butternut Squash Lentils, an Indian style dal.  My daughter loves dal as long as I don’t make it too spicy.  This one is perfect – lots of flavor but not spicy hot.  Feel free to bump up the heat by adding more jalapeno or a hotter chili in there.  My daughter had 3 bowls!  What a triumphant Mommy moment!

Roasted Tomato Fennel Soup was another favorite of my daughter.  I love to make soup but don’t always enjoy having to let them simmer for a long period of time for the flavors to develop.  Roasting speeds up the process and gives you some natural sweetness.  This soup has very little prep time to it.  Let your oven do all the work and blend away!  It is that easy.

I had to throw in a dessert.  What is life without a little sweetness?  This Apple Pear Strudel was a hit with my hubby’s work.  I am grateful they will eat all the desserts I like to make.  I actually haven’t sent anything to work with my hubby in at least a month.  I’ll have to make up for that.  Right now apples and pears are so naturally sweet that you don’t have to add much sugar to it!  Love that!  It might leave you enough calories to put a small scoop of a low-fat ice-cream on top!  So helpful, aren’t I?

Next week will be about Oats!  I am trying to decide between a low-fat granola recipe that I have finally perfected or a Baked Oatmeal.  I would love to hear which you would like to see on the blog next week.  Both recipes will eventually be shared.  Leave me a comment and let me know your vote.

Thank you so much for supporting Food Done Light and reading my little blurbs.  I truly appreciate it and look forward to reading your comments and thoughts.  I love to hear when someone makes a recipe of mine – tickles me pink!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Oh!  I almost forgot, I am thinking about adding another post each week.  Yes, another!  This one highlighting healthy recipes from other bloggers.  There is such a vibrant and supportive blogging community out there.  I would love to highlight them more and give you some more healthy options.  You can never have too many healthy food options.  Thoughts?




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