Healthy Christmas Food Gift Ideas

Great gift ideas for friends and neighbors - Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas www.fooddonelightI love to give homemade gifts to friends and neighbors.  I feel like it is a nice way to give a little piece of myself and make it more personal.  Plus this time of year, it helps to save a little money.  Homemade gifts are usually cheaper.  Most of my friends and neighbors don’t have time to make homemade treats so it’s a nice way to give them something homemade.  Hope you enjoy these gift ideas.

Banana Grain Bread - 20130910-5031 textSweet Twist of Blogging – Cracked Grain Banana Bread

Homemade-Vanilla-from-ChocolateChocolateandmore-23aChocolate, Chocolate and More – Homemade Vanilla Extract

Lentil soupDelicious Knowledge – Lentil Confetti Soup

cranberry-nut-bread-600-wmi heart eating – Cranberry Nut Bread

Gingerbread-Pancakes-and-MixEA Stewart – Gingerbread Pancakes

Muesli MixNoms McGee – Homemade Muesli Mix

pancakemix2-768x1024Fresh Fit N Healthy – Cinnamon Apple Pancake Mix

Recipe-Redux-Honey-salted-rosemary-chickpeasScoop Nutrition – Salted Honey Rosemary Chickpeas

taco seasoningFood Pleasure and Health – Taco Seasoning Sweet it is – Whole Wheat Toasted Almond Pumpkin Muffins


  1. Charlotte Moore says

    Lots of good looking stuff. I ground hard white wheat, spelt, kamut, and buckwheat this morning to make pancakes. I added oatmeal and cinnamon and used buttermilk. They were so good.

    • Christie Daruwalla says

      Wow Charlotte. That’s amazing. I have briefly thought of grinding my own wheat but it hasn’t gotten any further than that.

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