Strawberries and Cream Cookies

Lighter & Healthier Strawberries & Cream Cookies

Did you know that February is National Heart Health Awareness Month? Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? Did you know people of South Asian decent, like my husband, are three to five times more likely to have a heart attack?  I didn't know that little fact until after … [Read more...]

Chocolate, Caramel Pretzels

Yum! Homemade Funky Chunky Pretzels - Chocolate Caramel Pretzels

A few years ago, I was shopping in World Market for some stocking stuffers.  I happened to see a small bag of Funky Chunky chocolate covered pretzels.  I adore chocolate covered pretzels so I bought a Christmas present for myself.  The bag didn't even make it home.  I ate the bag (it was small) on … [Read more...]

Coconut Orange Snowballs

The Best Christmas Cookies, lightened up - Coconut Orange Snowballs

Every once in a while I find a cookie recipe that is worth adding to our traditional Christmas cookies. When I first saw a recipe for Coconut-Orange Snowballs in Gourmet magazine, I knew I wanted to make it. They were incredible.  Sometimes snowball cookies are really dry, not these.  They have … [Read more...]